Septic & Pumping Services

Septic Tank Pumping

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If you live in a rural area, your home is likely served by your own small waste water plant, the septic system.  Regular pumping of the tank is needed to remove accumulated solids.  How often?  It depends on many things… like the number of people in the residence, how much water they use, even your style of cooking and whether you have a garbage grinder in your sink.

What if you don’t know whether your tank needs service?  Thompson’s will make a service call to check things out.  We will measure the accumulation in the tank and recommend a course of action.  If the tank does not need pumping, we will tell you that.  If it does, and we pump it the same day or within a week, there is no charge whatsoever for the service call, and you just pay for the pumping.

Sometimes, there are septic tank emergencies.  Thompson’s always tries to accommodate emergency service whenever we can, and there is no extra charge for evening or weekend work.

Trailer & Holding Tank Pumping

Maybe you have a travel trailer on a rural property, and need to have the holding tank emptied.  We do that, just give us a call and we will schedule it.

Septic Tank Accessories

Putting PVC risers on the tank, with lids on the surface of the ground, make maintaining your septic tank so much easier.  Thompson’s stocks an assortment of Orenco brand risers in different heights, lids, and the parts needed to attach them to your tank.  Call us for a quote.